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Letter of Support: Village of Greenwich TAP Grant Application

Pamela Fuller, Mayor

Village of Greenwich

6 Academy Street

Greenwich, NY 12834


I am writing on behalf of the Greater Greenwich Chamber of Commerce and its Board of Directors in support of the grant application submitted by the Village of Greenwich for the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP).  We understand that the proposed project will design and construct elements of the 2019 Greenwich Streetscapes Plan along 2,000 feet of the Village’s core business district, enhancing safety, accessibility, and attractiveness of the pedestrian and bicycle environment.


As a business association, we look forward to streetscape and mobility improvements in the Village which will benefit existing and attract new businesses, residents, and visitors to the area.  These enhancements will give pedestrians easier and safer access to the great storefront businesses of Main Street while keeping the aesthetics of our historical community.


The Greenwich Chamber fully supports the Village of Greenwich and their efforts to make this worthwhile project possible.  If I may provide further assistance, please feel free to contact me.


Sincerely, on behalf of the Board of Directors,

Kelly Stephen Eustis

Executive Director

Greater Greenwich Chamber of Commerce


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