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Advocate for You

Membership associations like the Greater Greenwich Chamber of Commerce represent an array of businesses and interests.  We may take a position on issues and engage in a policy action on behalf of our members and the business community.  Due to competing interests of members, requests for an issue position or policy action must carefully be considered.

If you would like the Greenwich Chamber to advocate on your behalf, please do the following:

  • Provide the names of five (5) other Chamber members who support your issue.

  • Send information about the action or issue to be taken (i.e., financial impact statement, proposed legislation).

  • Find any publicly posted articles or information that oppose or support.

  • Include when a decision must be made by the Chamber.  A reasonable amount of time is needed for the request but a time constraint may be considered.

  • Provide contact information for the individual or business making the request.

  • Failure to send all required information may result in the request being rejected.

If you are seeking a letter of support from the Greenwich Chamber for a grant or funding opportunity, simply send an explanation of the request and copy of the text you would like to include in the letter.

Email all relevant information to for consideration.

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