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By being a member of the Greater Greenwich Chamber of Commerce, your business or organization connects with a network of businesses and employees throughout the greater Greenwich area.  We are here to help you engage, influence, and grow with programs, services, and initiatives offered with your business in mind.

To join the Greenwich Chamber, simply go to our join page for an online or downloadable application.  If you have questions about membership or the benefits of being a member, please contact us by email or call (518) 692-7979.


Consumers understand that business active in their local Chamber of Commerce are reputable, use good business practices, care about their customers, and are involved in their community.


Build and strengthen your business network with members and events to help grow your business, collaborate with fellow members, and attract new customers.


Exclusive training opportunities and business resources.  We are constantly striving to add value to your membership, so new offerings are added all the time, especially those provided by members.


Increase your visibility through our online directory, business listings in local publications, being an ambassador or board member, and by sponsoring one of our many large community events.


A strong, local economy means creating a quality of life that attracts news talent and develops a community where a growing workforce wants to live, work, learn, and play!


Our team of professionals, board members, ambassadors, and volunteers work hard for you to bring more business and customers to you.  What you put into membership is what you get out of it.


Members are recommended first!  We offer many ways that potential customers can find more about you, from an online directory, visitors to the office, phone and email inquiries, and social media.


We monitor issues at all levels of government to promote a healthy business climate for our members and our community.  Make your voice heard through our advocacy efforts.

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