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Letter of Support: Village of Greenwich Transportation Alternative Program

Audrey Burneson

NYSDOT Region 1

50 Wolf Road

Albany, NY 12232

The Greater Greenwich Chamber of Commerce is writing to express our strong support for the Village of Greenwich’s application for the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) to fund much needed streetscape improvements along the Main Street corridor, the heart of the Village’s business district.

The sidewalks along Main Street are in irregular condition, with large curb cuts and crosswalks creating dangerous pedestrian conditions and many segments requiring upgrades to meet ADA requirements. To address these issues, the Village undertook a community-led streetscape plan for the corridor in 2019 that resulted in a publicly supported vision for the corridor’s design. The streetscape improvements would improve the walkability of the primary commercial corridor, easing parking and vehicular congestion at high traffic generating businesses, improving pedestrian safety, and creating a more accessible downtown that encourages and supports downtown businesses.

The Village is prepared to concurrently initiate subsurface infrastructure improvements along the corridor, with funds secured. Access to funding through NYSDOT TAP would allow the Village to include reconstruction of the sidewalk in a manner consistent with the community vision – enhancing the vitality and walkability of the downtown.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Greater Greenwich Chamber of Commerce, we strongly support this project and will encourage the NYSDOT to invest in the Main Street Streetscape Improvement Project.


Kelly Stephen Eustis

Managing Director

Greater Greenwich Chamber of Commerce


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